Three Danes Inn is locally owned and operated by Darlene and Erna Marks, along with Darlene's husband Jim Johnson.  The name of the inn represents the native Dane, Erna, along with daughters Melissa and Darlene.  

     We are located in Fort Worth's Historic south side, and what a history this place has seen. The Maxwell - Liston House (a Texas Historic Landmark Home) was built in 1904 by Charles Maxwell.  In 1907 the house was sold to James Liston, a saloon owner and operator in Fort Worth's infamous "Hell's Half Acre" just southeast of downtown.  Liston came home late one night in 1917, bringing with him the receipts from his bar's business that day.  Tragically, he was shot and killed on the back porch in front of his terrified wife by a gang of men who had stolen a car to aid in their getaway.  All the men involved in his killing were eventually caught and sentenced to prison.  Following his death, the Liston family remained in the house until 1941.  The bullet hole is still visible today, just inside the entrance to Three Danes Baking Company that currently operates out of the commercial kitchen located at the rear of the home.  The house has been lovingly restored and features several original architectural elements of Queen Anne Victorian houses of the era including a corner turret, wraparound porch and the wreath and scroll decorative work in the front gables. The house has 5 En-suite rooms, each with their own unique design.  

     Hygge is a Danish word that essentially means "creating a cozy environment where one can enjoy life's simple pleasures with family and friends".  Our wish is that you will feel at home during your stay and that you will take a little hygge with you when you leave.

     All the best,

     Darlene, Erna and Jim